Sunday, August 4, 2019 8 p.m.

Red Sky Performance -TRACE_Photo by Rob DiVito-826

A leader in Canadian Indigenous arts and culture, Sandra Laronde of the Teme- Augama Anishinaabe (People of the Deep Water) is dedicated to communicating the strength, beauty and resilience of Indigenous peoples with her company, Red Sky Performance, founded in 2000. Trace, inspired by Indigenous cosmology – sky and star stories – goes back to the beginnings of the universe, “our ancestral origins stretching across the Milky Way to the atoms burning inside of us here on earth,” offering a glimpse into our origin and evolution. A scintillating creation combining dance, live music, video and motion design, conceived and directed by Sandra Laronde with choreography by Jera Wolfe.


“ Red Sky Performance is a delight to the eye . ”

- Globe and Mail, Toronto