About the Festival des Arts de Saint-Sauveur 

A firm belief in the fundamental importance of culture in our society has brought the Festival des Arts de Saint-Sauveur into the ranks of major arts and culture events staged in Quebec and Canada each year. This reputation for excellence has been forged by consistently presenting dance and music artists of national and international prestige.

The Festival’s artistic direction has been orchestrated by Guillaume Côté for the past six years. His experience, along with the expertise acquired in his career as a dancer, composer and choreographer, have led him to affirm the mandate of the Festival while putting added emphasis on creation, diversity and support for Quebec creators.

Founded in 1992 as the Festival des Arts Hiawatha, the Festival was renamed the Festival des Arts de Saint-Sauveur in 1997.

The Festival first received recognition at the Grands Prix du Tourisme des Laurentides awards, with a special mention as Cultural Event of the Year in 2000, and has received the “Grand Prix du Tourisme des Laurentides” in 2007, 2008 and 2014. In 2009 FASS was awarded the “Prix Ambassadeur culturel des Laurentides ” in the Cultural Festivals and Events category.

It has contributed actively to laying the foundations of a genuine cultural hotspot with a reputation that extends well beyond the geographical boundaries of the Laurentians.

Our mission

The Festival des Arts de Saint-Sauveur is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the discovery and presentation of the best choreographers, dancers and musicians. Through its eclectic and original programming, the Festival seeks to support and inspire artists from Canada and around the world, and to introduce audiences to their work and passion in an intimate setting. 

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