Margie Gillis



Marie-Pierre Brasset


Choreographer Margie Gillis and composer Marie-Pierre Brasset are looking forward to presenting the fruits of their joint creation. This will be danced by Margie Gillis and the music will be performed by Elvira Misbakhova.

The broadcast of this creation will be online as of July 26th.

*ENGLISH SUBTITLES AVAILABLE.  Adjust your settings (bottom right of the viewer) to add them to the film.

Choreographer : Margie Gillis

At the forefront of modern dance for more than 45 years, internationally acclaimed dance Artist Margie Gillis is one of the most influential Canadian choreographers/dancers of the 20th and 21st centuries. In 1981, she founded the Margie Gillis Dance Foundation. Over the decades, Margie has created a rich repertory of more than one hundred and fifty creations, solos, duets, and group works, which have been performed around the globe.

Her repertoire covers a wide array of topics including: feminine consciousness, the natural world, and the transformative process, all merging in a profound and powerful expression of humanism and emotion.

Teaching, mentoring and passing her legacy on to emerging artists are an integral part of her vision. Margie Gillis created the “Legacy Project” to transmit the artist’s creative history. From there was born the Margie Gillis—Legacy Project Dance Company, which is now performing and touring both new and retrospective works.

She has received numerous awards including Officer of the Order of Canada, Chevalier de l’Ordre du Québec, the Lifetime Artistic Achievement Award from the Governor General’s Performing Arts Award Foundation, and many more. Unwaveringly, she continues to develop her craft through experimenting, teaching, creation, innovation and performance.

Composer : Marie-Pierre Brasset

Born in Québec City in 1981, Marie-Pierre Brasset is a composer who has been working in the field of contemporary classical music for some fifteen years. Her works have been performed all over the province and in Canada by such ensembles as Nouvel Ensemble Moderne, ECM+, Trio Fibonacci and Quatuor Bozzini.

Contemplative listening to nature has deeply marked her work. Thus, her music is characterized by a melodic and motivational abundance that develops in ample and organic forms. Her aesthetics, which tend towards immediacy, clarity and efficiency, reflect a desire to establish an intimate relationship between the composer, the performer and the listener.

Brasset holds a doctoral degree in research-creation on contemporary opera and teaches as a lecturer at Université de Montréal. She regularly writes articles on music for the magazine Circuit, the website cettevilleetrange.org, and the specialized music media PAN.M. She created the radio show Pulsar, devoted to creative music, which still airs today on CISM in Montreal.

Dancer : Margie Gillis

Musician : Elvira Misbakhova, viola