Thursday, August 3, 2017 8 p.m. | BIG TOP


The spotlight is on creation in this double bill of world premieres. American-born choreographer Andrew Skeels is the artistic director of Skeels Dance Montreal; a dancer who took an atypical career path, his choreographic language reflects his ever-expanding curiosity and love for the art of dance. To FASS he brings Rose of Jericho, a work for an eclectic ensemble of seven dancers. Skeels uses the resilient Middle Eastern desert plant as a metaphor for survival, perseverance and rebirth. The work is as sinuous, elaborate and graceful as the Rose of Jericho itself. The second portion of the program features Tentacle Tribe’s work Threesixnine, in which six dancers move in infinite, complex variations, like so many tentacular millipedes, influenced by geometry, origami and the magnificence of the number 3.

30 YEARS AND UNDER: $32.50